Tuesday, 28 June 2011

det meet u, n f0rg0tten u !

I guess I did that a lot because part of me couldn't believe u was real.
I mean, I could see u, talk to u, feel ur touch...
but u seemed too perfect.
I breathed in much deeper around u.
Scent is one thing my imagination can't make up.
It was easy to catch ur scent too, i was always so close.
Surely though, a guy couldn't like me that much? Not a guy like u anyway?
To always make sure u was near me, able to see me?
I felt a longing to be near u too of course, a craving,
but I've learnt from the past not to take anyone's feelings for granted.
It took some days for me to be surefooted about u liking me back,
and despite fighting myself vicously, I gave in,
there's only so long I could deny facts before
they over powered me and I did something stupid.
There was something different about u babe..
the difference being u was just right. On everything.
U didn't blare the fact we were together,
but u didn't hide it either.
Holding hands was my constant reminder it was me u actually wanted,
and not just because u could.
U didn't mind being slagged by others around us,
U even though u had a  It was what u did, not showing off, just doing.
But since I've gotten home, I've tried not to think about u too much. For thinking about the future frightens me, frightens me because I fear u may not be in mine. Every time someone says we'll never see them again, it hurts. Surprisingly bad.

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