Monday, 27 June 2011

wh0le day with u .

when i wake up, i think u,
when i h0ld my handP, i wanna cal u but i can't,
when my handP ringing, i wanna ur name on d screen but i upset !
when i went 2 sch0ol, i saw ur face,
when i'm study, i smile c0z i see ur face infr0nt me n gave spirit ,
when i opened my armoire , i saw d c0uple shirt,
when i l0ok ar0und my bed, i saw d pink bear *sent0sa
when i try 2 t0ok it, i remembered det u had d same 0ne,
when i remembered, i thr0w it away back,
when i 0pen the wind0w, i wanna we l0ok d m0on n stars at d same tyme,
when i felt sleepy, i wanna u stayed by my side n sang me a song,
when i slept, i dream u my h0ttest b0y,
when i 0uting, i saw the sex couple, suddenly i remembered d 1st tyme we date :'(
when i remembered our date, i think ab0ut ur date wit her,
when i think, i cry cry n cry .
when i sad @ cry, i wanna take ur sh0ulder 2 cry on,
when i read n0vel, i mem0rised h0w r0mantic u are ?
when i memorised h0w r0mantic u are, i'll sad 2 l0se u ,
when i wanna to WTE trip,i missed d trip wit u . det tw0 trip .!
believed me, d w0rld as my witness,
te quiero, te voglio bene, .
ahhh ! why diz feelin' can't fade away ?

tudieee, ayt tunggang langgang ! haha .
pnat gla aa an, karang ayt ny cume tuk unk, . jen0h aa kn , pny pnjg esei neyh, but tadak cp nk bce . nk bg unk bca , tp unk bkn tw blog aq p0wn . :'(

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