Saturday, 25 June 2011


Love, the sweetest word ever known
The greatest expression ever shown
God has given one of our own
To long for, before we are blown

Waiting for the calls each night
Sharing all the feelings and fight
It's long, since we met
You too long for it, I bet

Missing the presence that made me glad
Forgetting the things that made me sad
The touch of your hands I really miss
Proving me, your the one,

Your soft voice echoes in my ears
The tenderness I longed for years
Missing you sweetheart
Now becoming hard to stay apart

Come by my side and don't leave me again
Cause staying away is really the deepest pain
Sleepless nights have had many
Longing for you to say Hi! Honey...

Missing you dear
With my heart starting to fear
When will you be near
I'm drowning here in beer

Don't be too late
Cause, missing you I hate
I want to hold you in my arms
And love you, feeling your magical charms

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